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  • Commercial Locksmith

  • We provide Commercial Locksmith Rogers Park services for industrial, commercial, small business, large corporate organization offices, retail stores and shops, apartment complexes, property managers, and more in Chicago, Rogers Park.

    If you own or manage a business, you must develop a good working relationship with a commercial locksmith. Your store or office is full of valuable merchandise and information. Don’t risk losing any of it to poor physical security. A good commercial locksmith can make sure your premises is locked up tight.

    Even the best businesses sometimes have an employee that needs to be let go. Don’t risk retaliation. Anytime there is a change in circumstances involving an employee with access to the keys to your business, you must change the locks. When you have a commercial locksmith that you already know and trust, this is an easy process. Call our secure Charlotte Locksmith today and meet one of the locksmith members on our team. The time to find a trusted Locksmith is not when you have an urgent need for one. Get to know us now, and when you need us, we will already be familiar with your needs, and you will already be familiar with us.

  • Keypad locks

    Not only is keyless locking more convenient, but it also puts a stop to lost keys and lock outs.

    keyless door locks make getting into and out of your home simple, quick and secure. Using our convenient keyless technology all you need to do is punch in your code or using your phone and the door unlocks. You can assign guest codes and be alerted when someone is trying to guess your code.

    This exterior keypad door lock holds up to 19 user codes and more . ... Add a stylish knob or lever to your keypad deadbolt lock. ... Interior or exterior keypad door lock automatically re-locks after 5 seconds.

  • Scanner locks

    Whether you are shopping for keyless locks or door access control for a home or multiple building locations, we are ready to take your call to offer the best solutions for your needs. - 704-951-4445 - Secure Charlotte Locksmith has been a pioneer in the market of biometric security since 2005, located just outside of Charlotte, NC.  We’re one of the first Locksmith companies to bring this state-of-the-art technology from mainly government facilities to homes and small businesses.  We have led the way in selling keyless solutions in the biometric protection industry. Our policy of only providing the best products to our customers sets us above the competition.  At Secure Charlotte Locksmith we pride ourselves in having a supremely knowledgeable American based technical and sales staff. Our customers close and abroad can feel reassured their needs will be our top priority during and after their purchase.

  • Key card locks

    We provide key card activated electronic locking systems that provide safe, secure and affordable access to private clubs that ensure members pay dues.

    When it comes to hotel door lock options, there are a few, including magnetic stripe key cards, RFID key cards, and smart cards, each having their advantages. Magnetic stripe key cards have been in use for nearly half a century as hotel keys, and continue to offer a cost-effective approach to access control. Assuming they’re not kept as souvenirs, RFID key cards have a longer shelf life than magnetic stripe key cards, but at a higher cost. Also, hotel door locks utilizing RFID technology are sealed off from dirt and debris that might find their way into a magnetic stripe key card lock. Without wear and friction, RFID key cards, locks and encoders typically experience extended life.

  • Secure locks

    When you need high security protection, don't rely on an ordinary lock.

    Top-Quality Brands
    With brands like Medeco®, Schlage®, Arrow®, Emtek®, Baldwin, Dorex, Sargent, LSDA and more, you know you’re getting the best. Visit High Security Lock Company -- Calgary’s best security showroom – and experience our fast, friendly and dependable service.